Men In Kilts

When premium outdoor home cleaning company Men In Kilts had people asking if only men worked for their company or if they were available for bachelorette parties, they knew their branding wasn’t lining up with who they really were and the customer base they wanted to attract.

To make all the stars align, they needed more modern branding that allowed them to be fun without crossing any lines.

Brand strategy       Messaging         Identity   
Art direction           Activation

Brand strategy       Messaging         Identity       Art direction           Activation

By pairing a clean and classic look with clever, memorable and value-based messaging, we elevated their brand from misaligned and misunderstood to quality-evoking and character-filled.

We’re honored to say our solutions received a 2022 Gold MarCom Award.

custom iconography that illustrates what they do

Kiltie, the originally overly masculine mascot, was updated to be more approachable and assigned a new role: a knowledgeable and confident connector between the customer and Men In Kilts team.

Guarantees can be big differentiators in service industries. Make them too generic and they get glossed over. Fill them with fluff and you look insincere. This guarantee was crafted with clear details and a fun branded stamp.

Franchise brands have to appeal not just to customers but to potential franchisees. This requires a duel branding approach that overlaps just enough to be consistent but adapts to the differing needs of each audience.

Brand strategy and creative direction:
Rebecca Z. Lee

Brand strategy and messaging:
Laura Beth Gabriel

Lead designer:
Karla Merritt

Support designer and video developer:
Chris Lott

Photography and videography:
Lightshed studio

Creative team and credits:

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