Sir Grout

When you’ve got “grout” in your name, but you’re actually the industry leader in restoring grout, tile and stone, how do you let customers know you’re more than meets the eye? How do you show that you’re a top tier brand, stay true to your medieval theme and communicate your innovative (and perhaps slightly technical and complex) processes?

You take control of the narrative, elevate your visuals and blaze a trail in a world mostly occupied by independent providers.

Brand strategy       Messaging       Identity   
Art direction           Activation

Brand strategy       Messaging       Identity        Art direction           Activation

We used clean, Pinterest-worthy images, customer-focused copy and striking before and after photography to talk about the company’s areas of expertise and highlight their transformative results.

Even the best work needs to be backed by your word. We noticed that many competitors had guarantees that were obscure, hidden or just plain missing, so we created a clear, impactful guarantee – complete with its own "seal of approval" – and highlighted it prominently on the website.

Three hours worth of meetings, ten pages of notes and five cups of very strong coffee helped us boil a complex, innovative process down into nine essential steps. Easy enough for the consumer to read through, but conveys just enough complexity for that same consumer to know that this isn't a task they can DIY.


brand typography



color palette

Before and after pictures are a must in this industry, but you’ve got to find a way to make your stand out from the crowd.

This print ad uses a catchy, on-brand headline; large, inspirational image; and supporting copy to get several points across without losing focus of the main idea.

These mobile billboards have to be eye-catching – but for all the right reasons. Without being overly stimulating, this design uses clean lines and photography to tell what the company does and how the customer benefits.

In service industries, there’s no better advertising medium than your van. 

Unveiling a new brand to your franchisees is always exciting – especially when it comes with a $500 gift card. 

This was designed to show off the new logo and van design, as well as share a little message of thanks to franchisees.

Brand strategy and creative direction:
Rebecca Z. Lee

Brand strategy and messaging:
Laura Beth Gabriel

Brand strategy and design:
Sam Sullivan

Logo design:
Karla Merritt

Creative team and credits:


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